How can I join the Cafe Deco Group VIP Program?

The Cafe Deco Group VIP Program offers unparalleled membership privileges to our members.  Our VIP recruitment promotion is only available at various times during the year.  For more information, please contact us via the VIP hotline +852 5320 0060 or email to vip@cafedecogroup.com and we will notify you of our upcoming VIP recruitment promotion accordingly.


If I was a VIP from former Igor's Group or Cafe Deco Group, how can I join the VIP Program?

The former Igor’s Group VIP Card and Cafe Deco Elite Discount Card are no longer valid. If you would like to be the Cafe Deco Group VIP member and enjoy the dining privileges, please send us your old membership card number together with your name and email address to vip@cafedecogroup.com and we will notify you when there will be an upcoming VIP recruitment promotion.


How do I earn Dining Credits?

For every individual bill settled at Cafe Deco Group’s participating outlets, you will be rewarded 1 Dining Credit for every 10 dollars spent.

  • HKD 10 = 1 Dining Credit


Where can I find my current Dining Credit balance?

By logging into your membership account on our website: www.cafedecogroup.com

Your points balance will be displayed under your membership profile “Available Points”. You will also be able to view and amend your personal information under the Membership Profile Section.


Will my Dining Credits expire?

Yes, all Dining Credits on your VIP card will expire at the end of the anniversary month in which your VIP card is activated.

Example:  Your VIP card is activated on 24th November 2011; so all dining credits earned from 24th November 2011 will expire on 30th November 2012 and every year on 30th November thereafter.


How do I redeem my Dining Credits?

Your Dining Credits are as good as cash.  Once you have earned 600 Dining Credits or more on your VIP Card, you can use the Dining Credits to settle your bill at any one of our participating outlets.  For every redemption, a minimum of 600 Dining Credits is to be used.* You must inform the outlet staff that you will be using your Dining Credits when you place your order and present your VIP membership card.

It is a member’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate Dining Credits for redemption and therefore, it is advisable to check for the most updated balance via our website or VIP Hotline.

In case of disputes, a member must settle the bill first and contact our VIP Hotline or by email for assistance and follow-up actions.

* Example 1: If you have accumulated 600 Dining Credits, but spent $500 at one of our participating outlets, you cannot redeem the Dining Credits to settle your bill.

* Example 2: If you have accumulated 680 Dining Credits and spent $780 at one of our participating outlets, you can redeem the 680 Dining Credits and pay $100 by cash or credit card to settle your bill.


If both my husband and I have a CDG VIP card, can we combine our Dining Credits for redemption?

No. All Dining Credits are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


What should I do if I lost or damaged my card?

In the unfortunate event that your VIP card is lost, damaged or stolen, please inform us immediately via the VIP hotline +852 5320 0060 or email vip@cafedecogroup.com.

We will provide you with your card number so that you can continue to enjoy our VIP discounts and earn dining credits by simply mentioning your VIP card number and presenting the relevant email notice to our outlet staff when you dine at our venues until you received your replacement card.

In the event that a VIP card is lost, damaged or stolen, a replacement fee of HK$100 shall apply.


Is there an expiration date on my CDG VIP membership?

No, there is no expiration date on your membership.  However, Cafe Deco Group reserves the right to terminate a VIP membership at any time. For example, when a VIP member committed fraud or the VIP card has been inactive for over 12 months.